Marketing transformation – After the Covid-19 storm has passed

Thinking about how you are going to ‘re-launch’ your business post Covid-19?  One thing to consider is that the effectiveness of the traditional marketing tactics you’ve employed in the past may have subtle shifted. For example according to a recent study by Pattern89 since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic:

Imagery of human interaction in social advertising has declined by 27.4%.

Social imagery examples include hugging, groups of people and shaking hands. 

Also be prepared to adapt your plan as new, possibly even game changing opportunities arise for your business.  For example Amazon recently announced that their global sales had increased by 26% year on year for Qtr1.  A modest gain in real terms though due to higher operational costs i.e. more staff and ensuring new safety standards, but still a gain. Don’t draft a marketing plan using previous successes for your template, go right back to the beginning and re-visit your business plan aligning your marketing strategy accordingly. 

Your checklist for a shift in marketing tactics could for example include:

  • With many hearts still raw, sensitivity is key so examine all your content to ensure it chimes with the new world post Covid-19, updating the tone of copy or changing images which may now seem insensitive.
  • Promote any new or adapted products and services you offer post Covid-19  however subtle, giving your customers the assurances we now crave in this new world.  Make it a two-way conversation and ask them for feedback on what they expect to see from your business.
  • Sounds basic but check that the operational information on your various digital platforms are correct i.e. opening times, contact information etc.
  • The way we communicate has shifted, therefore the way we source information will have been impacted including keyword searches. Use the online tools available to get a real insight into this new ‘language’, for example Google Trends 
  • The pandemic has definitely brought out the more sensitive and conscientious side of our personalities.  Think about ways of echoing this in your plan, for example using independent local suppliers and not for profit organisation within your business and promoting this operational shift.

Strange times we live in but I think we will be amazed at how readily we’ll adapt and change to our new environment.

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